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Photo taken by nature conservation center
location nahr ibrahim longitude / latitude 33.8547° n, 35.8623° E

what is daskara

Daskara, Arabic for “AUTHENTIC VILLAGE”, is a nature and culture guide that serves as a repository of insider information on the plethora of natural and cultural sites in Lebanon. The information is community sourced. We rely on your contributions to further expand the database. By documenting and exploring Lebanon’s nature and culture, you will help local small businesses and civil society initiatives to flourish by being discovered.
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food & lodging
Accommodations where visitors who travel can sleep, rest, and/or eat and drink usually for a short period of time.
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eco solutions
Places where people are conducting eco-friendly activities.
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nature encounter
Places suitable for outdoors/ nature leisure activities.
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recreation and sports
Outdoor spaces and indoor facilities suitable for various physical or recreational activities.
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cultural sites
Places and landmarks about local customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values.
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local services
Public and non-governmental resource people and facilities.
Photo taken by Salim Batlouni
location Barouk Chouf
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handcrafted database

100 villages, researched and archived manually since 2010 are currently being added into our database. from then on, all the remaining data will be crowd sourced by contributors and experts.

Local Daskara
Local residents and experts contribute through crowdsourcing
Local Daskara
Local experts manage the content of contributions
Local Daskara
Travelers learn from and share with local communities
Photo taken by Salim Batlouni
location Jerd El Hermel
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Daskara features

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Discover natural and cultural places mapped by experts and locals
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Learn from locals and experts what to do in their villages.
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Engage in community betterment by supporting local plans and projects
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Conserve nature by practicing responsible ecotourism
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Develop a sense of place and appreciation of local culture and nature
Photo taken by Salim Batlouni
location Niha Bekaa
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What is Daskara for?
Daskara will connect explorers and tourists to diverse localities throughout the country, helping them discover authentic places and experiences. It will help people find nature and leisure activities, sports and recreation facilities, cultural places and landmarks, eco-friendly sites, food and lodging, and public and non-governmental services. 
Who will benefit from the information?
Daskara will benefit a broad constituency of users including local residents and local business owners, tourists, members of the diaspora, the international Lebanese communities, and enthusiasts of outdoor natural and cultural activities, experts, and academics.
Why should I contribute?
By using Daskara you will be helping travelers discover authentic places and experiences. You will be sharing your favorite locations and telling their stories. Daskara’s community-driven approach relies on local residents and experts to contribute to expanding the Daskara database; local experts will manage the content of contributors; and travelers will learn from and share with the local communities.

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